Counselling within the healthcare sector could come in many forms and shapes. During the COVID-19 pandemic people naturally experience more pressure to cope with demands of daily living. When other added stressors are thrown into the mix, the situation might reach a breakpoint.


Seeking counselling is not a sign of weakness, but rather taking responsibility to find a solution. Maybe you have experienced the loss of a loved one recently. Maybe you have experienced some sort of other crisis incident. Maybe it is a relationship with a partner or a family member that just cannot seem to thrive.


Whatever stressor brought you to this difficult crossroads in your life, we can assist with online video counselling via Zoom/WhatsApp/Teams.

Care Plans

Sometimes people become physically dependent on others due to unforeseen medical emergencies, illness or mental disabilities. At other times normal transitions in life cycles bring a person to a state of care-dependency. For the person needing care as well as the people supporting them, this is often an overwhelmingly traumatic experience. Navigating patients and families to get effective care help could be more complex than meets the eye. We help to create tailor-made care strategies in partnership with the patients and their families.

Care for the Carer

Being a healthcare professional is a hugely demanding profession. During this COVID-19 pandemic the physical and emotional demand has increased exponentially. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or in any other healthcare professional and could relate to the eery demands posed on us by this COVID-19 pandemic, you might be in need of support and assistance to keep you sharp and effective. We provide individual and group sessions to assist with debriefing and emotional resilience up-skill training. This is done in person (circumstances permitting) or online via Zoom/Skype sessions.

Our Process

Prepare for our online session

You need enough data to sustain at least 40 min video consultation.  We can use Whatsapp, Zoom or Teams.  Please make sure you have one of these installed on your phone/tablet/computer.  Also, please read our terms, conditions and consent details.


If you have medical aid, we will handle the claims process. For cash patients, an EFT needs to be made before the consultation and proof of payment emailed to Elsabe, our friendly finance lady.

Follow up

Next steps will be discussed at the end of the virtual consultation.  This could include follow-up counselling sessions, or other practical arrangements as part of the discussed intervention plan.   Written feedback reports could also be given via e-mail if requested.

Meet our team

I am Ronel, a social worker and founder of Phileo Dynamix.  I graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelors degree in social work.  I continued my studies at UNISA where I have obtained an Honours degree in Psychology.


I have a special interest in medical social work.  I am passionate about creating meaningful ways to support people suffering from disease or other trauma.


I believe in a holistic approach to help people cope with life’s challenges.


Optimal health results can only be achieved in partnership with patients and a multi-disciplinary team.  We use counselling,  care plan coordination and various other forms of interventions to assist patients and their families.


Together with my team, we also provide online medical social work support and counselling during this unprecedented time of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Apart from being a social worker and counsellor,  I am also a wife of an amazing husband and mother of a teenage daughter and a tween son.  As a family we try to mitigate all the new challenges brought on by new social rules and rhythms brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ronel Grobler


BA (SW) (UP)
BA (Hons) (Psych) (UNISA)






I am Eldoret, and I have have been a social worker, counselor and workshop facilitator for over 35 years after graduating at UOFS with a B.Soc. Sc (with honors).


I have been active in the social work/counselling field for ten of those years.  At CMR (Chritelike Maatskaplike Raad) Germiston and Kindersorg Bloemfontein I was assisting families through various difficulties and social work scenarios.


I also spend a number of years at Unisa Cape Town, where I was a workshop facilitator and supervisor for third and fourth year social work students.  I have been working with the Phileo Dynamix team, mainly doing counseling at Blaauwberg Netcare hospital for over four years.


In therapy, I believe in a Person Centered perspective as well as a cognitive behavior perspective. I’m interested in people and have a passion for  assisting them in their journey to self discovery  and healing.


I am married with two wonderful adult children who are launching their own careers and family lives.


Eldoret Sykes

B.Soc (Hons) (UOFS)

I am Meliza, and I graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors degree in social work. I am specialising as a social worker in the medical field.


My core passion is to assist patients and families navigating their new reality when health concerns arise. I have a keen interest in palliative care where I can walk the journey with the patients as well as provide a supportive role to the patients families.


Working alongside doctors, nursing staff and allied workers, I value the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to patient centred care.


I am interested in healthy lifestyle living which ties in with my interests in the health and wellness of patients and their families.


I have a great appreciation of different cultures living in South Africa, and this appreciation was reinforced by my time living and working abroad.

Meliza Brink





I am Jolene, social worker for over 15 years, having obtained an Honours degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Cape Town.


I am impassioned to encourage and support people who are in crisis, with counselling and therapeutic work – helping individuals, couples and families cope and develop resilience through the challenges that come their way.


I have a varied background in therapeutic and support services across a range of Social Service Delivery fields, including faith-based communities, schools, the mental health setting, as well as child protection and family strengthening settings.


I work from the strength-based perspective and actively nurture every individual’s inherent capacity to determine their own solutions that bring about perspective, growth and flourishing through even the toughest life circumstances.


I am also a loving wife and proud mother of a pre-teen daughter and a teenage son, who keep me learning and growing on an ongoing basis.

Jolene Ridler
Jolene Ridler

BA (SW) (Hons) (UCT)