About Us




Our beginnings


Phileo Dynamix started as a Christian counselling organisation. From the start our aim was  to show affection, compassion and goodwill to those suffering from physical disease or disabilities.  We wanted to comfort, encourage and equip people in times of physical suffering, as well as those who form part of their support structure.


Phileo Dynamix matured into an organisation which provides the above in a concrete and relational manner.  COVID-19 brought new challenges, as Phileo Dynamix could not rely on the normal human interaction and social connections that it thrived on.  We are thankful that we could take the Phileo Dynamix community online and continue in this platform to nurture connection and facilitate support.  We hope to serve you well.



Why the name Phileo Dynamix?


Phileo is a Greek word implying a compassionate, warm kind of love.  This love is relational and intimate.  It is interested in the intricacies of another’s daily joys and struggles. It is companionship in action.  It displays human affection  and connection in a deep and real sense.   The dynamics of this love plays out differently in different contexts.  In the healthcare setting, it often means carrying others emotionally when they feel they cannot cope anymore, or continuing to provide compassionate physical care to someone dependant on care, or it could be to empower and strengthen the hands of those who need to continue to provide help to others in need.


Phileo love in action

“My dad has Alzheimer’s disease and every day my mom goes to visit him at the care facility. She sits with him, she shares a meal with him and she speaks to him. He’s not giving back in any way and isn’t in a state where he can physically take care of himself. She loves him with both ‘agape’ and ‘phileo’ love. She loves him unconditionally, but she also loves him relationally and intimately after years and years of living life together. Recently, while visiting my dad, I noticed a man who was taking care of his wife in the same way and with the same level of devotion. She was in a far worse state than my dad and yet, he remained steadfast. When I asked him about his wife, after engaging him in casual conversation, he replied, “I made a pledge, a vow to be there. That’s not conditional on anything. I’m gonna live that out.”


I’m humbled by these simple and yet profound displays of love on many levels and I think that is what God calls us to. He wants us to go deeper, to offer love unconditionally, despite the actions of others. It says that ‘I will love you, even when you deny me love in return. I will love you even when you don’t love yourself.’

We need to build people in our lives who will ‘agape’ love us, but also who will ‘phileo’ love us even when we are frustrated, angry and disillusioned. We need to offer that to others. We need to offer that to the vulnerable and to those who aren’t like us just as much as we need to offer that to those with whom we are closest.

There are several different kinds of loves that encompass the human condition, but we have to realise that we can go deeper and we can be more profound in our love for God’s children. We have the capacity to love without condition.”


– Gary Edmonds, President and CEO of Food for the Hungry





All photography on this site by Melisse Erasmus and Ronel Grobler